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Fitband™ Stainless Steel Fitness Smart Watch For Women IOS & ANDROID Compatible

Be healthy and be stylish all at the same time with the Fitband™Stainless Steel Fitness Smart Watch! Compatible with iOS and Android! This watch is the perfect blend of luxury and technology all blended into one beautiful Smart Watch! This fitness tracker smart watch features 24 hours of continuous heart monitoring, sleep monitoring and analysis, calls and sms monitoring, and much much more!
Available in silver, black, and rose gold. Dont limit yourself to ugly, bulky fitness trackers, be healthy in style today!
  • Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor: Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring gives you real time readings anytime anywhere so you can monitor and ultimately take control of your health!
  • Sleep Monitor: This fitness tracker smart watch keeps track of your sleeping patterns. This allows you to see your sleeping patterns so you can alter and make any adjustments needed to your schedule to ensure you get your rest every night. This drastically reduces stress and leads to a better, healthier, and ultimately happier life!
Fitness Tracker: Keep up with all your activities and workouts with this smart watches fitness tracking features! Keep up with your steps, heart rate, diet, and more in real time to take back control of your health!
Sedetary Reminder: This smart watch will alert you when you have been sitting to long. This is highly important because sitting idle to long slows the blood flow which slows brain function. This ensures that you stay at ultimate productivity no matter what you are doing!
Durable and Waterproof: This watch will withstand all fitness activities and is waterproof! So you dont have to worry about this watch while your working out or if something splashes on it. This allows you to be stylish anytime, anywhere! 
Receive notifications and calls anytime anywhere with ease with this smart watch! It will light up and vibrate when an alert comes through so you wont miss anything even when you are engaged in a intense workout!
  • Display Size: 2.4 cm (.96in)
  • weight: 43g (.094 IBS)
  • Battery: 120 MAH
  • Band: 120mm to 200mm (4.7 to 7.87in)
  • Shell: Zinc Alloy