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Resifitbands™ Fitness Resistance Band Set-Best Full Body At Home Gym Set

If your looking to get a all around full body workout right in the comfort of your own home without ever having to go to the gym or investing in a super expensive at home gym then Resiftbands™ is for you!

Introducing the original Resitfitbands Set! This product is trademarked and only Overstocktogo.com has the exclusive rights to the authentic set so be smart and buy from authorized websites with this incredible best in the market Resistance Band Set!

Reach new heights in your workouts when you buy this Resistance Band Set!
Meet your new fitness trainer! This resistance band set adds more resistance or assistance to your workouts! Pick different weights to adjust the intensity giving you the power to adjust your workouts more freely thus making them more effective! These resistance bands are great for muscle training, core workouts, fat burning, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and just perfect for getting a quick workout burn in anytime and anyplace! They can be used at home, in the gym, the park, your driveway, the beach, or anywhere else in the world you could think of that you want to workout in!
No longer will you need that overpriced gym membership after you start working out withResitbands! Get better results today without having to pay or wait for a machine in the gym while having to go from machine to machine! Get your full blown workout in or get a quick workout in whenever you feel like it with Resifitbands!
Get Your 11 Piece Resifitbands™Resistance Bands Set at a incredible discounted rate! Dont wait take advantage of this incredible oppurtunity!
The resifitbands is designed to offer you a wide range of over 250 workouts and offers a wide range of resistance so you can truly workout every part of your targeted muscle group!  Get the body you want today without ever having to leave the comfort of your home!
Wide Range of Weight:
The Resitfitbands includes 5 straps of varying resistance weights , allowing you to choose your desired weight level- from 10 Ibs (4.5 kg) all the way up to 115 Ibs (52kg) making this resistance bands set perfect for people who are just stating to workout or people who workout all the time!
Virtually Unlimited Workout Choices
This 11 piece Resifitbands Set is specifically designed to give you access to over 250 possible workouts for all muscle groups! This is perfect for people who like to work out one muscle group at a time or people who like full body workouts!
Easy Set Up: Assemble in literally seconds!
This set includes door handles, ankle straps, and handles allowing you to set up in seconds! just choose your desired workout, assemble your resistance bands, and start your workout!
Get 10x the results as you would from working out on machines!
With Resifitbands you are not only able to pick and choose your workouts, but maximize your workouts 10x! This resistance bands set is designed to fully workout every part of your target muscles! The reason is because the variety of weights allow you to do the same weights you would do on the machine, but the elasticity of the bands create resistance which forces you to stretch them out causing you to do full motion sets using every inch of the targeted muscle group. This essentially is making your workout more efficient and the results will be unmatched to any workout regimen you do in the gym! Get your desired body whether you are looking to burn fat, gain muscle, or tone!
Workout anytime even if you only have a few minutes to spare!
We have made the Resifibands Set easy to use for you so you can use it anytime anywhere. No longer will you have an excuse to not do your workouts anymore! We want our customers to create an anytime anywhere mindset when they purchase the Resifitbands!
Safe and Effective!
This resistance band set was designed for efficiency and safety. The smooth movement and elasticity of the bands give incredible results and greatly minimize the risk for injury! We want you to get the most efficient and safe workout as possible!
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Compact, Portable, and Durable!
This resistance band home gym set is made to be easily portable and compact. 
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