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Portable Pilates Bar Kit Resistance Band

Looking to get your Pilates workout in while stuck at the house! Then the Pilates Resistance Band Bar Kit is for you! This resistance band bar kit is perfect for Pilates, Yoga, and stretching out your muscles which in turn makes you healthier and stimulates your brain making you happier and more productive!
Are you ready to be healthier?
Are you ready to lose belly fat and be toner than you have ever been?
Are you ready to have a small waist and a nice firm booty?
We have customers who have used our Pilates Bar kit for only a week and saw the best results they have ever seen!
Great for Pilates, Yoga, and stretching to really hit and workout your muscles to the fullest extent!
Perfect for beginners and Experienced users!
  • Compact Design: 2 piece bar that comes apart making it easy for travel and storage. Measures 36x1.5x1.5 (L x W x H) when assembled. This Pilates Resistance band is the ultimate portable workout get your workout at home, in the park, at work, and take it with you when you travel!
  • Pilates is not just for body shaping, it is also good for health! The resistance band stretches your muscles which readjust your workout patterns! This drastically helps reducing and preventing injury, workout pains throughout the body. Also great for mentally stimulating the brain!
  • Convenient at Home Gym: Set this Pilates Bar Kit up anywhere and get your workout in! Great for resistance band workouts, yoga, toning, and full body workouts!

  • Mind-Body-Soul Training: The resistance bands are great for building a strong core and lean muscles. The resistance band is designed to workout the full muscle group you are targeting which takes extreme focus and makes your workout 10x more efficient than your other workouts!

  • Maximum Resistance: 100% elastic bands with stretchy fabric cover, making it strong, durable, and safe. The elastic bands makes your workout 10x efficient because the resistance forces you to use the full muscle group you are working out! This also makes this Pilates Kit safe because it greatly helps prevent injury! Get a great workout in everyday and be safe while doing so!

Improve your mind, flexibility, balance, and coordination: Includes digital workout with full length Pilates workouts (cardio blast, chiseled arms, full body sculpt)